Different Types of Video Games

These days, games are loaded with adventure, action and have many genres and categories. There are so many different types of games, it’s hard to choose.  I asked my friend Vance, a prolific gamer who still finds time to work as a bug exterminator, to give us a better understanding of video games. Video games are used for entertainment, business and also for educational purpose. Video games also decrease our tensions.

  1. MMO Games

The MMO (Massively Multiplayer online) games are played with the help of internet. Player can play these games with the help of internet. With the help of internet we can play against from all over the world. The creation of these games is very difficult and requires hard work and lots of experience.

  1. Simulation Games

These games consist of real vehicles like tank ships cars etc. A professional gamer can make these types of games. There is a need for high level thinking.

  1. Adventure Games

Adventure game is a single player game. In these games we need to solve puzzle for next level. Adventures games consist of story of a character. Adventures games consist of different level .After solve a level we can play next level.

  1. RTS Games

RTS games stands for Real Time Strategy. In these types of games we need to build different types of armies. RTS games can be played by two players at the same time.

  1. Puzzle Games

The fifth types of video games are puzzle games. Puzzle games consist of different puzzles that you solve and get to harder levels. Puzzle games increase our IQ level.

  1. Action Games

The action games consist of different characters. In these types of games player must often defeat a boss enemy .Player can make any actions with the help of buttons.

  1. Sports Games

In these types of games we can play football basketball cricket etc. Sports games consist of real characters of player. Popular games are usually based on popular sports events. We can control players with our choice.

  1. Role Playing Games

Role playing games are similar to fantasy. Role playing games consist of a particular rule. role playing games consist of a real story.. Many rule playing games have narrative guides.

  1. Educational Games

Educational games are used teach children different life skills. A child quickly learns dexterity, hand eye coordination, as well as all the skills taught in the game.

  1. Stealth Shooter

Stealth shooter games are war simulation. In these games only single player can play. After completing a level one moves on to the next more challenging level.