Demolition Experts Needed

Video games are fun, but video games where you get to destroy and demolish things are even more fun. In this article, I will be outlining a few games that will let you get a rush in destroying something. With these video games, you will be able to let out your destructive urges. I will be talking to you about games that let you build and then later destroy. Some of these games will let you play with explosives and objects that break. My four favorite video games that let me play the demolition expert are Minecraft, Blast Corps, Ghostbusters, and the Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction.


In Minecraft you build a world of fantasy then, in the end, you can demolish it all bit by bit. The game will let you cut down trees, carve mountains, turn objects into houses and tools. In Minecraft, you will be able to mine anything, build then take apart brick by brick. Minecraft is the perfect game for any age. Even though you get to destroy, at first it does teach you building techniques and how electronics work. This game has very little violence, it has no bad words, and can be enjoyed by the entire family.

Blast Corps

In Blast Corps you can control a truck that is ready to blow because it is packed with nitroglycerin, gunpowder, gasoline, and plutonium. The truck is about to collide and you must prevent it from colliding with crates, and barrels that explode. At your disposal are machines you can use to destroy your collision course, dump trucks, bulldozers, and flying mechanics that ground pound. You, the demolition expert will be able to save the game with the help of these tools. This game will satisfy your cravings for games that are packed with action yet  is still filled with puzzles.


In this game, you go to the Sedgewick hotel and hunt ghosts. In this game, you can be destructive and destroy what is in your way in order to prevent mass panic. Your proto beam can aim at chandeliers, furniture, and paintings.

The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction

This game is for demolition experts that want to annihilate and destruct. You will be playing the Hulk that throws, grabs, and destroys anything in sight. You will be told to go and once you do hear that word you can attack any object you like for example crush cars and attack helicopters. This game is loads of fun. You will love it.


If you want to play games where you are a demolition expert pick any out of the four. They are fun and will satisfy your cravings to destroy and just cause mass havoc. My favorite out of the four is Minecraft. It is a simple game that allows you to destroy, but it also teaches you how to build. If you are looking for the perfect video game gift for anyone Minecraft is the best choice to give. I hope this article was helpful for you and you pick one of these games to entertain yourself and your friends.