Latest Video Games 2017

This summer had the release of a great number of video games for all systems, including the PC. In fact there are so many games that are being released every week that it is hard for gamers to keep up with either the finances required or the time to spend purchasing and playing these new games. However, there are a few upcoming video games for gamers to get excited about in the coming weeks and months.

First, and quickest, is Halo: Reach. This is the much anticipated “prequel” to the Halo saga. It features a single player campaign that will tell the story of the fall of Reach and leads right up to (storyline-wise) the rise of Master Sergeant, the shining star of the Halo series. This game will also feature multiplayer modes with new weapons and gadgets as well as new vehicles and game modes. Halo: Reach will release on September 14th for $59.99 for the standard edition. Microsoft has also released a special edition X-Box that will come bundled with the game. This game is sure to make a huge splash and if it is a title you wish to add to your collection, you should probably pre-order it to ensure that it is available.

If you would rather slaughter zombies instead of fighting in the Halo universe, you will be in luck with the upcoming video game Dead Rising 2. This is the highly anticipated sequel to Dead Rising and will feature a highly interactive environment, where you can take miscellaneous items, combine them and make new weapons out of them. Things like using a rolling trash can to push zombies around or attaching a chain saw to the front of a motorcycle and driving through a horde of zombies will no doubt make for some interesting and hilarious circumstances in this game. The game will release on September 28th for $59.99.

If shooters are not your cup of tea, there is another upcoming video game that might be a better fit. Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock offers a different spin on the usual Guitar Hero experience. Not only does it feature a new song list for you to work your way through (including Megadeath), but a new feature will bring more of a story. Your goal will be to awaken the warriors of rock, who are famous artists, who will then join you to play more difficult songs. This game will release on September 28th and comes in a variety of styles from just the game to a bundle that will include a guitar, drums, microphone and the game for $179.00.

Different Types of Video Games

These days, games are loaded with adventure, action and have many genres and categories. There are so many different types of games, it’s hard to choose.  I asked my friend Vance, a prolific gamer who still finds time to work as a bug exterminator, to give us a better understanding of video games. Video games are used for entertainment, business and also for educational purpose. Video games also decrease our tensions.

  1. MMO Games

The MMO (Massively Multiplayer online) games are played with the help of internet. Player can play these games with the help of internet. With the help of internet we can play against from all over the world. The creation of these games is very difficult and requires hard work and lots of experience.

  1. Simulation Games

These games consist of real vehicles like tank ships cars etc. A professional gamer can make these types of games. There is a need for high level thinking.

  1. Adventure Games

Adventure game is a single player game. In these games we need to solve puzzle for next level. Adventures games consist of story of a character. Adventures games consist of different level .After solve a level we can play next level.

  1. RTS Games

RTS games stands for Real Time Strategy. In these types of games we need to build different types of armies. RTS games can be played by two players at the same time.

  1. Puzzle Games

The fifth types of video games are puzzle games. Puzzle games consist of different puzzles that you solve and get to harder levels. Puzzle games increase our IQ level.

  1. Action Games

The action games consist of different characters. In these types of games player must often defeat a boss enemy .Player can make any actions with the help of buttons.

  1. Sports Games

In these types of games we can play football basketball cricket etc. Sports games consist of real characters of player. Popular games are usually based on popular sports events. We can control players with our choice.

  1. Role Playing Games

Role playing games are similar to fantasy. Role playing games consist of a particular rule. role playing games consist of a real story.. Many rule playing games have narrative guides.

  1. Educational Games

Educational games are used teach children different life skills. A child quickly learns dexterity, hand eye coordination, as well as all the skills taught in the game.

  1. Stealth Shooter

Stealth shooter games are war simulation. In these games only single player can play. After completing a level one moves on to the next more challenging level.

Demolition Experts Needed

Video games are fun, but video games where you get to destroy and demolish things are even more fun. In this article, I will be outlining a few games that will let you get a rush in destroying something. With these video games, you will be able to let out your destructive urges. I will be talking to you about games that let you build and then later destroy. Some of these games will let you play with explosives and objects that break. My four favorite video games that let me play the demolition expert are Minecraft, Blast Corps, Ghostbusters, and the Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction.


In Minecraft you build a world of fantasy then, in the end, you can demolish it all bit by bit. The game will let you cut down trees, carve mountains, turn objects into houses and tools. In Minecraft, you will be able to mine anything, build then take apart brick by brick. Minecraft is the perfect game for any age. Even though you get to destroy, at first it does teach you building techniques and how electronics work. This game has very little violence, it has no bad words, and can be enjoyed by the entire family.

Blast Corps

In Blast Corps you can control a truck that is ready to blow because it is packed with nitroglycerin, gunpowder, gasoline, and plutonium. The truck is about to collide and you must prevent it from colliding with crates, and barrels that explode. At your disposal are machines you can use to destroy your collision course, dump trucks, bulldozers, and flying mechanics that ground pound. You, the demolition expert will be able to save the game with the help of these tools. This game will satisfy your cravings for games that are packed with action yet  is still filled with puzzles.


In this game, you go to the Sedgewick hotel and hunt ghosts. In this game, you can be destructive and destroy what is in your way in order to prevent mass panic. Your proto beam can aim at chandeliers, furniture, and paintings.

The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction

This game is for demolition experts that want to annihilate and destruct. You will be playing the Hulk that throws, grabs, and destroys anything in sight. You will be told to go and once you do hear that word you can attack any object you like for example crush cars and attack helicopters. This game is loads of fun. You will love it.


If you want to play games where you are a demolition expert pick any out of the four. They are fun and will satisfy your cravings to destroy and just cause mass havoc. My favorite out of the four is Minecraft. It is a simple game that allows you to destroy, but it also teaches you how to build. If you are looking for the perfect video game gift for anyone Minecraft is the best choice to give. I hope this article was helpful for you and you pick one of these games to entertain yourself and your friends.


Video games have been existing ever since the early 1950s. Scientists built the first video games as instructional dummies for introducing new technology to show its strength and capabilities. They used simple games lke chess to display their findings to the public in events. In the 1970s the arcade video games were now ready for public use. Computer space by Nutting Associates became the first video game. This was the first coin operated game ever. This was in 1971. Atari introduced Pong in 1972. Pong was really a great sell after it was released. Nolan Bushnell was the man behind the Atari video game. He is still the same man that formed computer space. In 1971 Magnavox created the first home video game theatre. It was called the Odyssey. This gaming system did not have a microprocessor.

Atari introduced its home video game system in 1975. It was its version of its popular game pong, which was a great success and led to the opening up of the bright future of home video systems. In 1976, Fairchild Channel F released the first ever removable game system though Atari become the first to release such a system for commercial use. The Atari computer system which was introduced in the 1976 the 2600 had removable cartridge system that made it easy to play many games using the same hardware.

After Atari 2600, came Atari 5200, then ColecoVision, by Coleco and IntelliVision by Mattel. All these led to increased interest in home video games. The home video games lacked the standards of the arcades and this made the interest level among users to dwindle. Nintendo created the Nintendo Entertainment system in 1985 which led to the change of the video gaming industry completely. The Nintendo entertainment system brought on board great concepts that completely turned over the Video game industry. Like use of a pad controller rather than a joystick, created credible reproductions of the arcade video game for home system use and use of the hardware as a loss leader by pricing it highly to make profit from the gaming.

Nintendo’s strategy was a boom and brought much revival to the video gaming industry. People now had regard for the home video gaming systems. The Legend of Zelda which was initially developed for commercial use became a home video gaming system. Companies like Sega and Sony joined in to create their own home video systems. Nintendo ruled the video gaming industry even in the 1990s. in the early 2000s Sony released the play station 2(OS20 which functioned as DVD player. This gave more entertainment other than just video gaming. In 2001, Xbox by Microsoft and Nintendo GameCube were released to compete with the PS2. In the late 2000s, the passion for personal computer games declined for the gaming industry targeted players who were willing to play games on computers that were specifically designed for gaming. This now led to the development of portable gaming systems. Nintendo released the Nintendo DS system while Sony released Sony’s Portable Play station which all had Wi-Fi capabilities. Nintendo Ds had two processors, two screens and multi player abilities. Nokia N-Gage was released in 2003 as the first mobile gaming system. Though the Nokia N-Gage mobile gaming ended in 2005, mobile gaming still continued to be developed in other platforms. The Apple currently dominates this industry.

The video games industry continues to develop widely and rapidly even today. There are more family oriented games and online video games. Today there are millions of video games fans. Online marketing has led to the development of the video gaming industry more and more. Online marketing ha made video games to go viral. People today in any part of the world can access the video games via the smart phones, lap tops, video gaming laptops which have been designed specifically for video gaming. Online marketing has also made easy for the companies to market their games online where they are able to reach a wide number of fans. It has also created a place where video gamers from different parts of the world can meet and exchange views about the video games while competing on line for the same. Online marketing has also provided an easy platform for the video gamers to access and buy video games easily.